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Relish delightful Nordic flavours and celebrate the Year of the Rat with a difference!

As a leading importer and distributor of premium Nordic goods to Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China, Pear & Carrot knows only too well about how to make any ordinary celebrations remarkable.

The Chinese New Year is a time where family and close friends usually gather together over delicious meals to mark a wonderful start to the new year. Mixing in the tastes of Nordic can certainly add a fun twist to this traditional festival.

Sav Sparkling Reserve 2012

It is almost compulsory to include bubbles in any festive celebrations. The Sav Sparkling Reserve 2012 is guaranteed to serve up pleasant surprises.

Made in the traditional method, the Reserve is made of Swedish birch sap instead of grapes like many sparkling wines. The sap is first fermented for nine months then on the lees in the bottles for seven years. The bubbles are delicate that has a slight aromatic flavour with hints of birch sap, honey, green banana, citrus peel and macadamia nuts, perfect to be paired with seafood.

Gold is regarded as an auspicious colour for the festivity. It is a wonderful idea to plate up some golden goodness of Västerbotten Cheese as a part of the appetisers. 

The cheese has long been well-loved by professional chefs and those at home in Europe with its distinctive balance taste of salty, fruity and sour flavours. It can be easily served on a platter with aperitifs or even cooked in some of the festive dishes.

It is customary to include fish in the feast in Chinese New Year, as it symbolises of having an abundant amount of prosperity leftover from the previous years, and salmon has been a particular popular choice for many.

Mettä seasonings such as the Porcini Salt and Lingonberry Xylitol are great to be used as marinates to create a Nordic tastes to this well-loved dish, by adding layers of flavours but also the umami flavours of the fish.

To put a lovely finishing touch to the meal, nothing beats a small glass of gin and tonic using Stockholm Bränneri Pink Gin that tastes as good as it looks. The award-winning gin is infused with rose petals and rhubarb that is slightly floral and fruity yet still tastes dry.

These four tasty Nordic goodness undoubtedly signify on bringing good luck, charm and happiness from all four corners to help everyone celebrate an extraordinary year ahead!

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Bring on 2020 with the amazing Nordic flair! To make the New Year another spectacular one, Pear & Carrot is thrilled to present an exclusive range of Swedish goodness bound to make the celebrations memorable.

The New Year’s Eve is usually spent with friends to celebrate another year of friendship. And undoubtedly, a delicious Smörgåsbord buffet is a part of the celebrations, where several hot and cold dishes, appetisers and dessert is served with a range of delicious drinks.

The evening is generally begun with a few vodka or aquavit drinks to get everyone into the mood. O.P. Andersson is one of the oldest Swedish Aquavit brands originated in 1891. It is flavoured with caraway, aniseed and fennel, with spices distilled to capture the flavours, matured for eight months in oak barrels. This unique taste, in fact, is the base for a number of other Swedish aquavits.

The tasty classic buffet include Nordic delicacies of marinated herring, pickled gherkins and beetroots, cold cuts of smoked ham, cold-smoked reindeer, liver pate and salami, along with classic Swedish meatballs, Jansson’s temptation and salads. A nice Swedish beer certainly  makes a good complement to the meal.

Nils Oscars is an award-wining craft beer from Sweden that has a long history, dating back to 1865. The Lager has a smooth malty taste with a biscuity character, while the Indian Ale has a fine hop bitterness balanced with hints of tropical fruits, perfect to pair with all kinds of food and light dishes.

A Smörgåsbord buffet is not complete without a cheese platter of Västerbottensost. Renowned as the king of cheese, the classic Swedish cheese has a palatable combination of salty, sour and fruity flavours, perfect to be paired with wine as well.

For those who are not much of a drinker can opt for Åre Water. Sourced from one of eleven certified natural mineral water sources in Northern Sweden, it is labelled as “Superior” for the low content of nitrates. This indicates the water is untouched and unpolluted from external influences, perfect for keeping everyone hydrated on the evening.

When it is time for dessert, aside from pairing with the usual coffee and tea, there is not a better time to pair it with a small glass of Stockholm Bränneri, a tasty gin to savour over the last few hours of the year.

The Award-winning Oak Gin is produced from the first craft distillery in Sweden. It comes in a light golden colour, distilled with orange peel and long pepper that has orange and vanilla tones from the bourbon casks. Best enjoyed as it is, sipped neat on ice, over D&M conversations.

Then as midnight strikes, the much anticipated first blast of fireworks marks the beginning of the New Year. A bottle of sparkling is simply the best drink to commemorate the New Year with much hype.

Sav Sparkling is a unique sparkling wine made in the traditional method using birch tree sap from Sweden. The sap is fermented on the lees for up to 14 months and the slightly larger bubbles deliberately created ensure a bigger burst of flavours, and a lot of positive energy installed for 2020!

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Pear and Carrot was delighted to have brought on the magical touch of Swedish Christmas celebrations to Hong Kong through a string of events over the past week.

It has always been Pear & Carrot’s mission to promote a quality and tasty Swedish experience to all. A selected range of Nordic delicacies were handpicked for tasting at City’Super for the “Nordic Week” on 11-15 December, including the king of cheese – Västerbottensost, August Berries wines that are produced in the world’s northernmost winery and traditional Swedish refreshments, great to be enjoyed during the festive seasons.

Pear & Carrot brought on the fun of partying to the Swedish Happy Wednesday @Happy Valley Racecourse on 11 December. The crowed got to enjoy Swedish craft beers provided by Pear & Carrot while experiencing the excitement of horse racing and live music paying tribute to ABBA.

Many of them had the opportunity to meet ABBA’s Benny Andersson as he joined the Swedish Consul General, Helen Storm in presenting the trophies to the winners of the “Swedish Cup” on the evening.

Pear & Carrot also made the jolly season even more magical by serving up the most delectable Swedish Christmas delights at the Swedish Winter on 13-15 December.

As the official partner to the event, Pear & Carrot served up a delectable variety of Swedish goodness, including warm mulled wine, craft beer, Christmas wraps, saffron buns, gingerbread cookies and traditional Swedish meatballs. The market received much positive praises from the attendees for being able to experience the true taste of Sweden.

Pear & Carrot will be providing mixed lollies to be enjoyed at the K11 Movies on 21 December as one of the final events of the Swedish Winter.

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Tomi HO named Brand Ambassador for Hong Kong and Macau by Lignell & Piispanen

KUOPIO, Finland, July 23,2018 – Finnish premium spirits house Lignell & Piispanen has reached a new milestone with the announcement of its first ever Brand Ambassador. Lignell & Piispanen announces TOMI HO as Brand Ambassador for Hong Kong and Macau. Building on a fabulous career as a professional in the bar/restaurant scene, TOMI HO will share the good word of Finland’s top spirits to quality-thirsty Hongkongers. TOMI brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, innovative ideas and visionary insight required to succeed on the ever-evolving Hong Kong bar and restaurant scene. Read full Press Release.