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A rare Cognac dating back to pre-Phylloxera 1870 in an Art Glass masterpiece by legendary artist Göran Wärff is now available in a limited edition. Aiming far beyond luxury, the people behind Chapters of Ampersand, seek to unite the very best of the art and craftsmanship of fine spirits and the Swedish tradition of glass making.

– The market is filled with expensive spirits in luxury vessels, but we want to go a step further and create a unique product that is more complete and refined. And with individuality, in small and very limited numbers – a true piece of art rather than luxury in a bottle, says Bertil Davidsson, co-founder of Chapters of Ampersand.

The Cognac is a limited blend created by Chapters of Ampersand Master Blender Folke Andersson in collaboration with Cognac Tiffon Maitre de Chais, Richard Braastad. Two Grande Champagnes from 1943 and 1974 interact with a pre-Phylloxera Cognac from 1870.

– Et No 1 Cognac is a spirit golden amber in colour, with a full-bodied, well matured nose and apricot, sweet toffee, vanilla and liquorice aromas. With infusions reaching back into history, this blend can be considered a true rarity”, states Folke Andersson formerly Master Blender with Swedish Vin & Sprit for more than 30 years.

Et No 1 – the very best of Prestige Cognac and Swedish Art Glass

The art glass vessel, designed by legendary Swedish glass artist Göran Wärff, is a handmade masterpiece crafted by two of the worlds most skilled and experienced Glass Blowers. Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson, who are based in Transjö, Småland, make Göran Wärff’s idea and design come to life in their glass foundry in the heart Swedish glass country.

300 numbered and signed Et No 1 pieces will initially be available and these will be followed by an Et No 2 sometime during 2015. The name Chapters of Ampersand suggests that this is an ever evolving story that carries the promise of many unwritten tales. No 2. seems destined to emanate in Scotland somewhere.

In short – Et No 1 by Chapters of Ampersand

  • Limited edition. 300 pcs individually numbered and signed.
  • Göran Wärff Art & Design, Folke Andersson Master Blender.
  • Unique one-off blend ageing back to pre-Phylloxera 1870. In cooperation with Cognac Tiffon, Jarnac, France.
  • Swedish hand-blown and manually shaped art glass from Transjö Hytta in Kosta, Småland.
  • Presented in a Swedish Oak casket with a numbered and signed Certificate of Origin.
Chapters of Ampersand creates unique and limited combinations of Swedish art glass and extraordinary spirits. We aim beyond luxury. The company is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Chapters of Ampersand

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