Richard Juhlin

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The wines are developed in collaboration with Richard Juhlin the world’s foremost champagne expert and are sold in his name.

The world’s number one champagne connoisseur Mr. Richard Juhlin have made an exceptional, elegant and balanced non-alcoholic sparkling wine; Richard Juhlin Jubilée Blanc de Blancs. The Swedish wine house MRG Wines develops, produces and distributes wines of the highest quality, with one exception, everything they offer is free from alcohol. The latest collection of wines is developed in collaboration with Richard Juhlin, the world’s foremost champagne expert, and are named after him. He is renowned for his exceptional sense of scent and ability to evaluate and categorize aromas and tastes.

I wanted to offer people an opportunity to, for the first time, enjoy a premium sparkling wine with zero percent alcohol.  I had no idea that the craving for alcohol-free quality wines was so huge and that the appraisal of my wines would be so overwhelming. – RICHARD JUHLIN

The grape and the vineyard is selected and endorsed by Richard Juhlin. The location of the vineyard is in Languedoc, in the Southern France. The wines are de-alcoholized using a patented cutting edge technology based on a process called reversed osmosis. Thanks to this process, the wine contains 0,0% alcohol.

Richard Juhlin Jubilée Blanc de Blancs is the most elegant sparkling wine in the Richard Juhlin portfolio. Made from 100 percent French Chardonnay grapes that have been carefully selected early in the ripening process to reduce grape sweetness and enhance the natural character of the grapes. The wine is aged in oak barrels for up to 12 months which gives the wine complexity and give the wine a balanced palette of aromas and taste.

Richard Juhlin – Blanc de Blancs is a stylish and fashionable French sparkling Chardonnay boasting a crisp acidity, balanced freshness and subtle notes of lime and green apples. Aged carefully for a short time in oak barrels, this non-alcoholic wine preserves the natural aromas and character of the grapes.



  • Richard Juhlin
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • 100% Chardonnay
  • Holder of the world record in the number of tested champagnes (1998) – he has currently tried more than 9000 champagnes
  • Recently appointed Knight of the French Legion of Honour by a decision of French President François Hollande for his accomplishments for Champagne and France in the world
  • The French Minister for Agriculture has decorated Richard with the Merite Agricole in 2002
  • Has since 2013 collaborated with MRG Wines in developing and producing prestigious top of the line sparkling wines with 0% alcohol.

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