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Pear & Carrot is striking a chord at this year’s World Cultures Festival by providing a palatable Nordic experience for guests at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

As a company that celebrates cross-cultural collaborations, especially between Hong Kong and the Nordics, Pear & Carrot is proud to support the World Cultures Festival, with this year’s theme on “The Nordics”, which showcases a range of Nordic art and cultural performances here in Hong Kong.

Pear & Carrot provided catering service at the Festival Opening Programme, “Autumn Sonata” on 18 October with Rye House and received much praises for the selection of Nordic drinks and freshly prepared delights, including Scandinavian devilled eggs, smoked reindeer carpaccio, and Karelian pastries.

The highlight of the evening further impressed the guests, which saw the cooking demonstration of the signature Swedish sandwich cake, made with freshly air-flown Swedish ingredients such as smoked salmon, prawns and caviar.

Pear & Carrot will continue to serve up delectable refreshments at the “Nordic Café” Chamber concert events on 22-27 October, also to be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

For further information or interview requests, please contact Roanne Lo roanne@pearandcarrot.com or Per Ågren per@pearandcarrot.com

Pear & Carrot co-hosting the Suomi Matsuri – Nordic & Nippon Fusion event

On Thursday 9th of August Pear & Carrot was co-hosting the Suomi Matsuri – Nordic & Nippon Fusion event together with Tenkei and Kyrö Distillery Company.

The venue at Tenkei, a Japanese Izakaya, quaranteed an authentic Japanese atmosphere. On the menu there were innovative fusion canapes which mixed both Japanese and Nordic cuisine: meatballs with teriyaki sauce and skagen with riceballs and nori, to mention some examples. Pear & Carrot offered tasting of Finland’s most well-known liquor brands: Kyrö Distillery Company, Laplandia and Lignell & Piispanen.

Nordic flavours are currently trending in Asia. In the spirits of these brands one can taste the most typical flavours of Finland and the Nordics. Kyrö Distillery Company’s award-winning Napue is a rye gin. If something, rye is the most Finnish of all grains. The taste of fresh berries can be enjoyed in Lignell & Piispanen’s products. The ingredients of the Arctic Artisan Liqueurs are picked in Finnish forests where the berries get a lot of sunlight in the nightless nights of northern Finland. Laplandia has a wide range of different vodka flavours, among others Coco Shot, Mint Shot, Bilberry and Espresso.

Pear & Carrot exclusively distributes Kyrö Distillery Company’s, Laplandia’s and Lignell & Piispanen’s products to Hong Kong and Macau.

Swedish flavours and habits

Mr. Emil Åreng, Bar Manager of Open/Closed (Umeå, Sweden) will be speaking on the subject on  Swedish flavours and habits at Artisanal Spirits Seminars on 9th Sep, (Wed) Restaurant & Bar HKCEC. Spirits like whisky, gin, Calvados and Armagnac, continues to be in strong favour with all sorts of customers, and current trends see it continue to grow as a preferred drink. Our Artisanal Spirits Seminar returns this year helping you to grow your knowledge on whiskey in different regions, the history of gin and the tasting skill of cognac, ensuring you learn all there is to know about the distinguishing character in different spirits. You can find his drinks on Matteå You tube channel