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Almost through July and soon entering August, the summer of 2020 has offered unseasonably warm weather in June, both in Hong Kong and Sweden. People have taken the opportunity to enjoy the sun, celebrated midsummer and devoted time with family and friends a little bit extra this summer, in light of a challenging year.

It is always a great idea to spend quality time with family and friends over good food and drinks, however, when we are no longer able to come together as before, we have to look for other alternatives. Zoom or Skype dinners with a little bit of imagination have allowed people to enjoy the best of food and drinks and at the same time adhere to social distancing guidelines. We wish that people can enjoy more of Swedish summer food, therefore, we have selected a few Nordic products that we think will work great to the crayfish party this summer to be enjoyed out in the sun with family and friends!

For this month we are featuring the news that Västerbottens cheese is now available at Feather & Bone in Hong Kong – the very popular cheese with a distinct favour. 

Stay safe and stay healthy and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Cheers, Per

Västerbottensost® has been one of Sweden’s most popular cheeses for centuries, it is a recurring cheese in many recipes and can be used in pies, tarts, pizza and on hard bread. With its distinct flavor and powerful aromatic aroma, Västerbottensost® has proven to be a highly successful concept both in Sweden and worldwide. We are therefore happy to announce that this cheese is now available at Feather & Bone in Hong Kong.
You may find the address to all three locations on their webpage, to read more about about the cheese, visit our webpage READ MORE >


– Tex Mex series from Santa Maria –

Swedish practice of “fredagsmys”, or cosy-Friday, has become something of a mandatory event of the week. The taco kits from Santa Maria are delicious and convenient to fill with different ingredients such as corn, salad, onion and heavily spiced ground beef. To top it up, a mix of chips and nachos, to be eaten straight up or baked in the oven with cheese and toppings such as jalapeños, onions and black olives will satisfy even the picky eater! Everyone gets to have the fun of mixing and matching their tacos with whichever topping they prefer, leaving everyone totally satisfied!

When it comes to dips and sauces, these come in a wide range of flavours and spices to top up the taco. Santa Maria Spice Mix is available in different essences to go with Fajita, Enchiladas, Chicken or Fish Taco. In addition, salsa, green jalapeño and guacamole are other examples of sauces to spice up any Taco, Tortilla or Pizza. Enjoy!

Do not forget the accessories to the crayfish party! A real crayfish party is nothing without party hats, gaily coloured paper lanterns and ribbons. Tablecloths and colourful plates are also necessary to get into the right vibe. In other words, the party becomes a little bit more fun when you drink snaps in funny hats in the shapes of cones with colorful print. You may find all your accessories at Sverigeshoppen, stop by and visit us at
Unit 523, 5/F, Star House, No.3 Salisbury Road Tsim Sha Tsui! Let the feast begin!
Impress your party guests with homemade guacamole to go with the Taco – delicious and healthy!
We will provide you with an easy and quick recipe. Gently mash 2 avocados and mix with half a jar of Santa Maria Taco Sauce (hot, medium or mild). Add Santa Maria Dip Mix Guacamole. For extra spice, add 1-2 garlic cloves. Cover the guacamole and let it set for 5-10 minutes. To make the guacamole extra creamy, add 150 ml creme fresh or sour cream.


August month is synonymous with the crayfish season in Sweden. Every year on the first Wednesday in August, Swedes get together with family or friends to celebrate. However, crayfish parties have become so popular that it is now celebrated throughout the month and many times. It is a unique traditional holiday that occurs over multiple weeks, rather than on a dedicated day. Friends and family come together to look back at summer memories and enjoy the summer’s final heatwave that August brings!

To get into the right feeling, gather your friends, decorate your space with lanterns and ribbons, pour the snaps and indulge in freshly dill-seasoned crayfish.
We don’t think that living abroad should stop you from throwing a traditional crayfish party, therefore, we have collected everything you need for your crayfish party this summer.

First and foremost, the most important ingredient on the table is, of course, crayfish. Feldts Crayfish 1 Kg is cooked in water, crown dill, salt and sugar, for the absolute best taste, let it thaw in the refrigerator for 36-48 hours. You may find Feldts crayfish at Mr Meatball, you can choose to shop directly online and have it delivered to your door or stop by and visit us at 105 Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward. Enjoy! SHOP HERE> 

When it comes to drinks on the table, the classic snaps is a must to the crayfish party! O.P. Anderson Aquavit is one of the oldest Swedish Aquavit brands, established in 1891. This Aquavit is flavoured with caraway, aniseed and fennel, the spices are distilled to capture the flavours and the distillate is matured for eight months in oak barrels. READ MORE HERE>

Add some Västerbottensostpaj (Västerbotten cheese pie) to the table to make the food more filling! Västerbottenost® is served all year-round, but it is especially popular at crayfish parties. You can add different ingredients to your pie, either you keep it sim ple and fill the pie with Västerbotten cheese which adds a very distinct character to the pie or you may add chanterelles and top it up with Kalix Löjrom.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the evening with Åre Water. Åre Water is a supremium mineral water from Åre and has been given a seal of approval labelled ”Superior”, meaning very low content of nitrates. The landscape and environment in northern Sweden create an ideal place where nature naturally filters the water, producing top quality mineral water.


After almost one year of hard work, planning, renovation and purchasing the first store, we have finally opened the doors to Mr Meatball in Prince Edward on 105 Ki Lung Street, 太子,基隆街105號,地下.

Mr Meatball is first and foremost an e-commerce store, that offers the best of Swedish quality food and brands, with a focus on raw materials and ready-made food of the highest quality, including plant-based products, food from the sea and meat products.

With some of the most prominent brands in the Swedish food industry, such as SIA Ice Cream, Gorbys, Aviko, Feldts, Garant, Lindströms, Felix, Eldorado, Dafgards, Frödinge, Guldfågeln, SCAN and Kronfågel, Mr Meatball strives to capture the culinary creativity of the Hong Kong food consumers. VISIT MR MEATBALL’S WEBSITE>

If you require any further information about our brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a lovely summer ahead!

December Newsletter

Christmas is a very special time of the year, when family and friends gather over good food and drinks, to celebrate the end of the year but also heading off together to make the new year memorable.

I love upholding the Swedish Christmas traditions and have always enjoyed baking peppakakor with my children when they were young. Time and time again, it would be the utmost challenge to build a better gingerbread house each year by putting on different patterns of icing and lollies for the decorations.

My all time favourite would be making the Christmas ham that my entire family enjoys, and we’d all love a glass of two of good warm glögg and Julmust for the young ones.

I hope you have had a chance to visit us at the Finnish Christmas Market and Swedish Winter the last two weekends, that gave you wonderful present ideas for your loved ones!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Years!



We are delighted to have brought on the magical touch of Swedish Christmas celebrations to Hong Kong through a string of events over the past week.

It has always been our mission at Pear & Carrot to promote a quality and tasty Swedish experience to all. A selected range of Nordic delicacies were handpicked for tasting at City’Super for the “Nordic Week” on 11-15 December, including the king of cheese – Västerbottensost, August Berries wines that are produced in the world’s northernmost winery and traditional Swedish refreshments, great to be enjoyed during the festive seasons.

We had brought on the fun of partying to the Swedish Happy Wednesday @Happy Valley Racecourse on 11 December. The crowed got to enjoy Swedish craft beers provided by Pear & Carrot while experiencing the excitement of horse racing and live music paying tribute to ABBA.

Many of them had the opportunity to meet ABBA’s Benny Andersson as he joined the Swedish Consul General, Helen Storm in presenting the trophies to the winners of the “Swedish Cup” on the evening.

We also had a lot of fun in making the jolly season even more magical by serving up the most delectable Swedish Christmas delights at the Swedish Winter on 13-15 December.

As the official partner to the event, Pear & Carrot served up a delectable variety of Swedish goodness, including warm mulled wine, craft beer, Christmas wraps, saffron buns, gingerbread cookies and traditional Swedish meatballs. The market received much positive praises from the attendees for being able to experience the true taste of Sweden.

We will be providing mixed lollies to be enjoyed at the K11 Movies Lördagsgodis on 21 December as one of the final events of the Swedish Winter.


We know sometimes we can get overwhelmed with deciding what’s best to have during this festive season, and we have come up with the Top 5 Must-Haves and Top 5 Pleasant Surprises that will help you to decide easier!

Top 5 Must-Haves
Check out our list of “Must-Haves” and make this Christmas delightful with a touch of Swedish magic – 

1. Blossa Glögg

What’s better to enjoy than some warm mulled wine after the scrumptious Christmas feast?

Blossa Glögg simply sets the standard of what mulled wine should be! It is still made based on their original recipe from 1895, composed of quality wine mixed with aged spice macerate made of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger and citrus. Guaranteed to give you the sweetest memories this Christmas!

2. Kyrö Gin & Tonic set

Bring on the fun and bring on the G&T! Kyrö Napue Gin is produced in the world’s northernmost gin and whisky distillery in Isokyrö, using 100% Finnish rye that has a more intense flavour that will definitely impress the tastebuds.

We know time is always tight when we are all busy rounding up the year and this is why we have the best G&T ready for you – Kyrö Gin +  Ekobryggeriet tonics, made with natural and organic ingredients for the best flavours – which also makes a great gift set for your loved ones!

3. Laplandia Vodka

The undisputed smoothness and purity taste of Laplandia is produced by using soft groundwater of Lake Hirsijärvi with seven-times-distilled high grade wheat spirit and tiny drops of natural honey, making it suitable for the most sensitive of tongues.

Besides the Super Premium Vodka, it also comes in a range of forest delights where Finnish wild berries and forest ingredients are blended in without sugar or additives to create astonishing palatable and refreshing tastes.

Laplandia comes in a variety of flavours, including the Super Premium (original), Eclipse (mildly sweetened with Xylitol), Bilberry and our favourite, the Espresso Shot, absolutely perfect for those who love both vodka and coffee.

4. Västerbottensost

Needless to say, Västerbotten is the cheese we all should have this Christmas. Regarded as the king of cheese, Västerbotten is one of the oldest cheese in Sweden that has a good balance of salty, fruity and sour flavours. Excellent to be enjoyed as it is, made into appetisers, added into salads or served on a cheese platter with wine. 

5. Swedish meatballs

This classic Swedish dish is a must-have for any Nordic Christmas parties! They are delicious and super easy to make, anyone wanting to add a touch of Sweden to their parties can do so with much ease!

Top 5 Pleasant Surprises!

We are sure no one would want another boring Christmas party again this year, so let’s bring on the fun and surprises! We have handpicked the Top 5 choices that have wowed our tastebuds and we are sure they will impress yours, too!

1. Gustav Dill Vodka

Dill isn’t always everyone’s favourite but this award winning vodka certainly has a lot to offer the palate. For the Gustav Dill Vodka fresh dill is infused into the vodka in the making process and provides a dryish, slightly spicy yet smooth rounded up with the sweet and fresh taste of the dill. Great to be enjoyed chilled, as it is or mixed in with cocktails and paired with smoked salmon and seafood platter.

2. Mackmyra Single Malt Whisky

The Mackmyra Single Malt Whisky is an artisanal single malt whisky made from only Swedish ingredients. We have three flavours from the core range – Brukswhisky, Svensk Ek and Svensk Rök.

These whiskies have the right flavours and aroma to let you into a quiet moment, just right to settle you in the mood for a D&M conversation.


Brukswhisky is an exciting, well-balanced whisky, created to be enjoyed on any occasion. The whisky has a light, fruity character with notes of butterscotch, pear drop, liquorice and citrus.

Svensk Ek

The Svensk Ek comes with a spicy character giving notes of sandalwood, dried ginger, black pepper, roasted oak barrel and herbs. The spicy characteristics are complemented by fruity undertones with hints of vanilla and toffee from oak barrels, previously used to age Bourbon.

Svensk Rök

With a unique smoky taste, the Svensk Rök has a dry and smoky aromas with light tobacco leaves and herbs is balanced with a slight mineral saltiness and anise and green fruit.

3. Sav Sparkling 2012 Reserve

Sav is a sparkling wine produced in Sweden without the use of grapes, from a recipe dated back to 1785. 

The Sav Sparkling 2012 Reserve is an exclusive sparkling birch wine, produced by first reducing the Birch sap to provide a bolder flavour and then fermenting the sap by traditional methods to produce the delicate bubbles. The birch sap and is then fermented on the lees for up to 7 years.

It has an elegant metallic wooden flavour yet leaving a refreshing and comforting aftertaste. Perfect to pair with sushi, oysters, smoked fish, goose liver and dark chocolate.

4. August Berries Cloudberry

Produced at one of the northernmost wineries located just 80km from the polar circle in Finnish Lapland, the berries to make the August Berries are all handpicked from the wilderness every August, fermented and produced that preserves only the true colours, tastes and sweetness of the fruit.

The range come in three distinctive and mouth-watering Nordic flavours of Lingonberry, Bilberry and Cloudberry. The Cloudberry wine has caught our tastebuds by surprise. After letting breathe for an hour, the wine is smooth and aromatic with layers of refreshing and sweet tastes of the berries. Serve chilled as social wine or dessert wine!

5. Taiga Chocolate – Christmas Chocolate

Taiga Chocolate combines the wonderful beauty, purity and sensitivity of Arctic nature with nutrients and antioxidants in their range of chocolate.

The award-winning chocolate has produced a Christmas chocolate that comes with the flawless combination of luscious and creamy white chocolate and tangy freeze-dried Nordic cranberries, guaranteed to immersed our tastebuds with the Christmas spirit.

For a limited time, a special Christmas pack is available that includes the Christmas Chocolate with the book “I am Santa Claus”, beautifully written by Heli Thorén and illustrated by Silja-Maria Wihersaar, making it the right gift for someone special!

We hope you have liked the list we had curated for you. If you would like to purchase any products from the list you can buy them from our Swedish Shop Sverigeshoppen in Tsim Sha Tsui or online. Hurry Christmas is only a few days away!

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year! See you in 2020!

November Newsletter

Time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe we are already fast approaching December and Christmas is just around the corner!

November is usually a quieter month for many before the festive season kicks in; we have been busy showcasing Sav, a sparkling wine from Sweden that is made without grapes at the Wine & Spirit Fair and of course, preparing delicious Nordic Christmas surprises for everyone!

Have you started gathering ideas for Christmas or rather a last minute Christmas present shopper? Let us give you some inspirations in the next coming weeks and you can always come to us for completing your shopping with some magical Nordic touch!

Product of the Month – Sav

We are pleased to have created a delectable Scandinavian sensation, by launching Sav Birch Sap sparkling wines and spirits in Hong Kong at this year’s Wine & Spirit Fair.

The fair attendees were pleasantly surprised with a sparkling wine produced in Sweden and made without grapes, of which has an elegant metallic and wooden flavour, yet leaving a refreshing and comforting aftertaste.

The Snaps and Glöd also received much praises for their pure and freshness in taste. The Glöd was especially popular with the locals, with its delicate blend of birch sap wine and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, citrus peel and angelica. It is particularly appealing in the current cooler weather and great to be enjoyed during the upcoming festive season.

The unique Sav sparkling wine and spirit is made from birch tree sap grown around Lake Storsjön in Jämtland in Northern Sweden. The sap is extracted from the trees for three weeks in the beginning of Spring before the buds begin to bloom.

The birch sap collected is quality checked, filtered and fermented in steel tanks for a few weeks, before being refined and bottled. The bottled sap is then lied on the lees for the second fermentation in the bottles for over a year to allow for the bubbles to occur naturally and a perfect balance of flavour.

The Sav Sparkling Wine, Sav Sparkling 2012, Sav Snaps and Sav Glöd are now available to be ordered. Please contact at to find out more.

From our Kitchen

Time to get ready for the jolly seasons! Better start flexing some muscles to practice mixing drinks with Sav so to impress your family and friends! You will find that the range from Sav is versatile, great for mixing and matching to create all kind of drinks.

Sav Sparkling Wine
Cloudberry puree

Add puree in glass and fill with Sav Sparkling Wine. Served cold in champagne glasses.

Sav Snaps 6ml
Olive on toothpick

Pour Sav in Martini glass and stir cold with an olive.

Sav Sparkling Wine
1 Strawberry
10ml Elderflower Cordial
20ml Lemon juice
10ml Syrup

Shake the cordial, lemon juice and syrup with ice and top with Sav Sparkling Wine. Serve in champagne flute and garnish with the strawberry.


1 December – Prize sponsor for HKDR “Pulse to Fun 2019 Fundraising Event
We are sponsoring a Christmas hamper filled with Nordic goodies at this year’s HKDR Pulse to Fun 2019 Fundraising Event. For all lovers of Sweden and doggies, make sure you join in the fun, too!

3-7 December – City’Super at New Town Plaza, Shatin
Come join us for for free tasting of MOOD at City’Super in Shatin and swing right into the mood this Christmas!

Mood is a super versatile Swedish beverage that can be easily added into drinks for creating all kind of tasty beverages or simply enjoyed as it is! It is non-alcoholic, no added sugar, low in calories and carbs, and using only natural aromas. It comes in four flavours – Orange Spirit, Mojito, Sex on the Beach and Margarita. Absolutely perfect for guilt-free celebrations, for everyone of all ages! 

6-8 December Finnish Christmas Market
Christmas is a special time the year and we want to bring on the Nordic way of celebrations to everyone! We will be at the Finnish Christmas Market providing authentic Finnish Christmas food and drinks, and Hugo & Celine treats for dogs! Make sure you come by our stall with your Very Important Pooches!

5-18 December Swedish Winter, 13-15 Swedish Winter Market
Besides being at the Finnish Christmas Market, we will continue to celebrate the jolly season at the Swedish Winter at Happy Wednesday at the Happy Valley Racecourse (11 Dec) and the Swedish Winter Market at Tsim Sha Tsui (13-15 Dec). Do swing by and say Hi!

11-15 December City’Super 
We have always strived to bring you the best Nordic options so to make your Christmas party even more memorable! For a limited time, you will find some of our best selling Nordic products available at City’Super, including Swedish classic cheese, Västerbottensost, Blössa Glögg mulled wine, August Berries wines, Mood Maker Cocktail and Swedish refreshments.

Available from their outlets at IFC in Central, Times Square in Causeway Bay, New Town Plaza in Shatin and Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui.

21 December Movie11 X Swedish Consulate Christmas Filmtopia
Enjoy watching Swedish movies while chewing on Swedish sweets! We will be sponsoring mixed lolly tubs at the event to make the entire experience loaded with good Swedish Fun! It’s a FREE event and you can register HERE

Lots of happenings in December! Don’t miss out and come say Hello at our events!

October Newsletter

Autumn is finally here in Hong Kong and it’s nice with the much drier and cooler mornings and evenings. Great weather to relax in especially after a long week at work with family and friends for a Cosy Friday, where you can simply stay in and cook up something easy, fun and comforting. And Tex-Mex is certainly one of them!

We love having Tex-Mex, so much so we decided to have a party with our team recently. Not only that it’s such a quick and easy meal to prepare but it’s also so much fun when you can mix and match with whatever toppings you like depending on your mood and taste buds. Definitely a crowd pleaser especially when you can enjoy it over a few shots of tequila, too!

Why not treat yourself to a nice Cosy Friday sometime and enjoy it with your loved ones?

Product of the month

There truly isn’t a better time to enjoy something nice and comforting in this cooler weather. And cheese is definitely on top of the list.

Known for being one of the oldest cheese in Sweden, Västerbottensost is well-loved amongst Swedish professional chefs and households. It was first produced in 1872 in Burträsk and has a unique taste that is characterised by salty, fruity and sour flavours, perfect to be enjoyed as it is, served on a cheese platter with wine, on tacos, adding to salads and even cooked in pies.

Västerbottensost was appointed as a Royal Purveyor almost 30 years ago, and continues to uphold its good reputation of Swedish quality produce.

Västerbottensost is aged at least 14 months, available in –

  • Whole wheel 18 Kg
  • Mittbitt (heart) 1Kg
  • Shredded 150g
  • Sliced 120g, 500g

It also comes in an exclusively limited edition of aged at least 24 months, contact us for more details!

Did you know? Västerbottensost has been served at many royal celebrations and Nobel banquets since 1990!

From our kitchen

Traditional Beef Tacos – Serves 4


1 Taco kit
1 sachet Santa Maria Taco Spice Mix
400g minced beef
1 tsp olive oil
Grated cheddar cheese
½ head of lettuce, shredded
Pitted black olives
Diced cucumber
Diced pineapple pieces

4 Tomatoes, diced
½ Red onion, diced

2 ripe avocados
½ lime, juiced

Cooking method

1. Fry the minced beef and add the Taco Seasoning Mix and water. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 20 mins.

2. Heat the Taco Shells in the oven for 2-3 minutes.

3. Mesh the avocados and add in lime juice. Mix well.

4. Fill the warm Taco Shells with the beef, lettuce, cucumber, pineapple pieces, olives, cheese and Salsa, a dollop of Guacamole. Smaklig måltid!


October has been a busy month for us and here are the highlights of the events we had taken part in –

17-19 Oct – 24th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair

It was our first time exhibiting at the MIF and had received much praises for the variety we had brought over to Macao.

We featured some of Nordic’s best, including Swedish cheese Västerbottensost and Falbydens, fresh edible flowers from Mimi Kotipelto Garden, Taiga Chocolate that comes with a Nordic twist and Dafgårds Swedish meatballs for making quick and healthy meals at home.

18 Oct – 17 Nov World Cultures Festival

We provided catering service at the Opening event to “The Nordics” with Rye House at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, where a wonderful range of quality Nordic drinks and finger food were served, including Scandinavian devilled eggs, smoked reindeer carpaccio and Karelian pastries.

The highlight of the evening saw impressed guests sampling our signature Swedish Sandwich Cake, made with freshly air-flown Swedish ingredients, such as smoked salmon, shrimps and caviar. Read more >

27 Oct – Whiskers N Paws Halloween Party

It is one of our goals to always give back to the community and we are proud to have supported the Whiskers N Paws X HKDR Halloween Party.

Besides getting dressed up for the event, the furry friends were treated with our mouthwatering Hugo & Celine Ice cream for dogs. The party was also a great opportunity where dogs from HKDR got adopted and went to their fur-ever homes.


7-9 November Wine & Spirit Fair 2019

We are excited to be partnering Sav at this year’s Wine Spirit Fair at HKCEC. Come visit us and sample this amazing taste from the North – at 3C-E08 in Hall 3!

We have started gearing up for Christmas and lots of exciting things happening soon! Stay tuned for our next updates in November!