Dogs all over the world go barking bananas for the all-natural, healthy, yummy ingredients with exceptionally tail-waggingly great tastes. For human consideration the environmentally friendly packaging is of award-winning design to make them a stylish bespoke piece in any home.


Happy Dog – Happy Human!


Hugo & Celine, was founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden when the (then 11 year young) daughter of CEO Sonja Catani came up with the crazy idea to make custom-made ice cream intended only for dogs. The company became an instant success thanks to all the raving reviews from happy yappy Swedish dogs. Soon more and more healthy natural products were added to the line of dog- food and snacks. All products are 100% Swedish and manufactured in a purpose-built boutique factory in the southern Swedish town of Karlshamn, that used to be the head factory for one of the largest ice cream factories – for humans – in Sweden; Carlshamns Mejerier. Today Hugo & Celine work closely with Adjunct Professor Anna Hielm-Björkman at the veterinary faculty of University of Helsinki in Finland when developing new products for dogs. Professor Hielm-Björkman has over 20 years of experience from independent scientific studies in nutrition and feeding for dogs.

The company Hugo & Celine is named after the founder’s two mini dachshunds, the dogs Hugo and Celine also serve as brand models and the company’s logo. Within the company’s short and successful start-up journey the company has won several awards and mentions globally, most famously for having been voted one of Sweden’s top ten most innovative companies and hence also won an award at Nasdaq in New York as the one company most likely to succeed in the US market.

The hugely popular ice cream, as well as the other Hugo & Celine products for dogs, are produced in Sweden and sold in all the Nordic countries including Finland, Norway and Denmark plus the United Kingdom, Dubai and now also in Hong Kong.

  • Hugo & Celine
  • Lactose Free
  • Ice Cream For Dogs
  • No Processed Sugar
  • 100% Natural Swedish ingredients

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