Kalix Vendace Roe

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  • Kalix Löjröm

Kalix Löjrom is Sweden’s first food product to be awarded the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the European Union. It gives the strongest geographical protection on the market for the product. Protection refers to the product Kalix Löjrom, which can only be extracted from vendace in the cold, brackish water of the Bothnian Bay where the water chemistry gives the roe its unique qualities. These characteristics make it possible to distinguish it from other fish roe products. Vendace is a small fish (20-30g) in the salmonidae family.

Sustainable wild harvested
Fishing takes place over a five week period starting from the 20th of September. Just before the vendace spawning season in late autumn. The Swedish Agency for marine and water management (HaV) has very specific rules for vendace fishing. These strict rules have shown that commercial fishing for vendace has no significant impact on fish stocks. Only a limited number of fishing licenses are allowed to ensure a sustainable fishery.

Production method
The roe is extracted from the fish and cleaned immediately after landing. Once this is finished the roe is dried and then finally salted. The only additive to the roe is 4% salt.

Packaging and labeling
Kalix Löjrom comes in various sizes on the packaging. All packages are marked in accordance with EU laws and requirements with full traceability on all products.

Shelf-life and Storage
Frozen package gives a shelf-life of 1 year after production. Pasteurized roe is vacuum packed with a shelf life of 6 months.

  • Kalix Löjrom

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