Kimerud Gin from Norway

Kimerud products owe a lot to the Norwegian geography, temperature and heritage. The family-owned Kimerud distillery is built on Kimerud Farm, which dates back to 1785. The farm is located in Lier municipality, west of Norway’s capital city Oslo.

The clean air and rich soil in Norway give the best conditions for growing high quality herbs and berries. The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of Kimerud’s products, as it delays the growth of the herbs and berries, and therefore brings a richness that contributes greatly to the final taste.

Most of the botanicals that make up Kimerud’s products are organic grown on the farm in order to control the raw material from seed to finished product. For example, the colour in the Pink Gin is 100 % natural from raspberry picked on the farm. The distillery also uses botanicals that were popular as a food and medicinal source in the Viking era (800 – 1050).

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