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Shaman Spirits, the distillery behind Laplandia, identifies itself as a distillery that focuses solely on quality and pure ingredients. Due to its geographical location around pure Finnish nature, the distillery has unique resources available. Having won multiple prestigious international tasting awards, Laplandia is slowly reinventing vodka around the world.

The thing that many people often seem to forget is that the main ingredient (60%) in vodka is water. Even the name ‘vodka’ is derived from the Russian word ‘voda’, which means water. In other words, what makes the biggest difference to the taste of vodka is the quality of the water. Having said that, our water source, the groundwater of Lake Hirsijärvi, is estimated to be among the cleanest on earth. Its origin and history are unique and can be traced all the way back to the Ice Age.

Laplandia – Land of purity

Laplandia Super Premium Vodka is the flagship product of the Laplandia brand and the original creation. Its undisputed smoothness and purity has been proven through multiple international tasting awards. The exceptionally soft groundwater of Lake Hirsijärvi together with 7-times-distilled high grade wheat spirit alone are enough to create an extraordinary finish, but adding a tiny drop of natural honey produces a result so smooth it is suitable for even the most sensitive of tongues.

The Laplandia ’Shotline’ is mostly composed of flavours generally familiar to the average consumer. Unlike most flavoured vodkas, however, we have made it our mission for the flavours to be the dominant note in the taste, instead of the alcohol. That is why most people when trying our flavoured vodkas for the first time, find it hard to be believe they are as strong as 37,5% – 40% alc by vol. In order to achieve this, our products undergo months of development with our Master Blender, before coming to production. We use exclusively natural flavours in different forms such as essential oils, extractives and distillates. All the Shotline products are perfect to be consumed straight, but also provide an easy platform for cocktails.

Pear & Carrot exclusively distributes Laplandia Vodka products to Hong Kong and Macau.

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