Gustav Distillery

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Lignell & Piispanen produces unique liqueurs and vodkas. Success is based on knowledge about the products of nature and traditional extraction passed down from generation to generation. The delicious, ripe berries of the arctic forests have been extracted into delicious liqueurs for several centuries. This Scandinavian artisan tradition lives on in our family’s arctic liqueurs, made with extracts of pure, natural berries – and nothing else.

Much advancement has been made over the course of centuries, and each generation has left its mark and added to our knowledge. But there is one thing that has never changed: our family’s
promise to make Arctic luxury. For us, this means a respect for the arctic wilderness, an artisan
approach to its pure berries and a continuous effort to achieve better and better results; flavours that highlight the four distinct seasons of the northern hemisphere.

“From a Royal distillery to a family business”

The story of the fathers and sons of Gustav Rainin’s family and of a journey to the chilly arctic, where mother nature grows the world’s finest wild berries.

Gustav Ranin started the family business by purchasing the Crown Distillery, founded in 1783 in the city of Kuopio by King Gustav III of Sweden. Gustav Ranin’s legacy lives on in Lignell & Piispanen’s business. Ever since the day he took on the king’s distiller y, from generation to generation, from father to son, we have learned through experience and increased our knowledge with the goal of creating the world’s finest liqueurs, vodkas and wines from Mother Nature’s arctic splendour. Welcome to our arctic legacy that is a mere 160 years young.

“We are artisans of arctic luxury liqueurs and vodkas ”

Whether you prefer aromatic liqueurs, smooth vodkas or fine wines, you can enjoy any Gustav product in beautiful cocktails – or simply as is. In cocktails, the pure, natural flavours of Gustav
products are best paired with other high-quality ingredients to form a refined, pleasing combination. Make a drink, raise a toast, throw a par ty, catch up with an old friend, indulge in fine dining or dance the night away. Whatever your fancy, let Arctic Luxury sweep you of f your feet. Each Gustav product contains a secret ingredient that brings a feeling of joy and warmth to the person holding the glass. The secret is Arctic Luxury.

  • Arctic luxury taste
  • Artisans of arctic luxury liqueurs and vodkas
  • The world's finest wild berries

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