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Sav is an exclusive beverage that exudes simplicity, while overall and not least the Scandinavian soul. The sap is harvested from birches growing on the mineral-rich land in the Lake Storsjön area in the region of Jämtland. Since time immemorial, birch sap has been thought to relieve, or even cure more or less nasty ailments. But much like its mythological legacy, nutritional physiology may not be the first thing you think of as Sav Sparkling sparkles in your glass.

The tree landscape benefits
Sav Sparkling should be served well chilled. This is one reason why one may as well start with the inland ice. When the inland ice drew back from Jämtland 9,000 years ago, the birch was the first tree to reach for the skies again.

When humans came to the region, the birch was the first tree they noticed. The white, innocent colour of its bark (though streaked with black, a bit like Life itself) led to the birch being dedicated to the goddess Frigga (or Venus to those who came from more southern parts), and thus symbolised purity and femininity. Children’s cradles were made of birch in order to mark a new beginning. The trees were tapped of sap, which was drunk to greet the Spring

Unique climatic conditions
Mythological considerations may be cast aside when tasting a glass of Sav Sparkling. However, there are some chemical circumstances that may be harder to ignore. Continental wine-makers must battle various pests and mouldy fungi that threaten their harvests. Not so in Jämtland. The climate is one reason. Another is the stubbornness and resistance of the birch.

The principle is simple: when the frost from the soil in the spring, the birch sucks up crystal-clear water from the mineral-rich ground. The tree turns the fluid into sap. Which can be tapped. Which can be drunk.

Sav is an exclusive beverage that exudes simplicity, while overall and not least the Scandinavian soul.

The wine region Jämtland
It is now that the conscientious wine-maker’s troubles begin. Like his colleagues on the continent, he wrestles with the same eternal questions: when exactly should the wine be harvested? How exactly should it be handled? How exactly should it be stored? How exactly should it taste when it is ready?

In most respects, the wine region of Jämtland can be said to be more virginal than Alsace, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, etc. Its ambitions are not more modest for all that.

Content rich
It is risky to talk about Benefit and Health when discussing alcoholic drinks. However, one cannot deny Sav’s content of natural sugars, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, manganese, zinc and iron.

  • Sav Snaps – Distilled spirit of Sav

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