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Västerbottensost has been produced in the same way since Ulrika Eleonora Lindström created her mysterious recipe in 1872. The recipe remains a well-kept secret that only a few living people are privy to, and is stored securely in the dairy’s safe. And even though many people have tried to produce the cheese in other places, it has not been possible anywhere other than in Burträsk. Why has no one managed to find an explanation for this?

One of Sweden’s oldest, best-known
and well-loved brands

Every day, 79,000 litres of milk from local cows are pumped into the dairy’s big curdling vat. Which is necessary when you consider that just over ten litres of milk go into every kilogram of Västerbottensost.

In order to ripen and develop their characteristic taste, all Västerbottensost are rested for at least 14 months. The cheese warehouse in Ånäset, where the cheeses are left to rest, has the feel of a cathedral.

All Västerbottensost is rested in Ånäset. Could it be that resting it on spruce shelves provides the key to its particular characteristics?

  • Vasterbottensost
  • Unique taste
  • Available in bulk
  • ISO22000

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