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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it is always a great time to spend quality time with family and friends over good food and drinks. We have selected a few Nordic products that we think would work great to put a tasty Nordic twist to your Chinese New Year gathering!

This year is the Year of the Rat and the rat represents great strength, agility and adaptability to getting what needs to be done necessary to accomplish your goals.

One of those goals that should never be compromised is the upkeep of our teeth and oral hygiene. For this month we are featuring another fantastic brand we bring in to Hong Kong – the Humble Brush. Find out how they offer so much more than just keeping you teeth healthy and clean.

Hope you all will enjoy the celebrations, stay healthy and have a wonderful Chinese New Year!



The Chinese New Year is a time where family and close friends usually gather together over delicious meals to mark the end of year and a wonderful start to the new year. Why not mix in some Nordic flavours to make this traditional festival more fun?

Västerbotten Cheese has a well-loved cheese in Europe with its distinctive balance taste of salty, fruity and sour flavours. It is versatile and can be easily served on a platter with aperitifs before the CNY banquet or cooked in some of the festive dishes such as Cheese baked lobsters and Oyster Rockefeller.

Kyrö Koskue is a unique Finnish gin that comes in a dark golden colour. The rye is matured in American white oak casks and fine-tuned with freshly distilled orange peel and black pepper that complement the vanilla from the barrel. Best to enjoy enjoy with plenty of ice and cloudy apple juice, garnished with a slice of apple and fresh vanilla.

No celebrations is done without bubbles! And the Sav Sparkling Reserve 2012 made using Swedish birch sap, first fermented for nine months then on the lees in the bottles for seven years. The bubbles are delicate that has a slight aromatic flavour with hints of birch sap, honey, green banana, citrus peel and macadamia nuts, perfect to be enjoyed with seafood.

The Stockholm Bränneri Pink Gin tastes as good as it looks. The award-winning gin is infused with rose petals and rhubarb that is slightly floral and fruity, but still tastes dry. Perfect to be enjoyed neat on ice or mixed with tonic water for a lovely glass of G&T.

Blossa releases its limited edition bottle of glögg at the end of every year and the 2019 edition drew inspirations from Hawaii. The tropical sweetness derives from passion fruit and hibiscus flower, with a slightly chocolaty vanilla aftertaste. Best enjoyed over a cheese platter and salted almonds.

Hugo & Celine produces complete meals and snacks according to scientific findings of what is best for dogs. Feeding them the right food can allow for significant improvement and cure some of their common health problems! Keeping your pooches health, fit and happy!

Why not add a touch of Tex-Mex to the party this year? Santa Maria offers a crowd-winning range of tacos, sauce, seasonings that quickly helps you prep up a delicious meal. Everyone gets to have the fun of mixing and matching their tacos with whichever topping they prefer, and leaving their palates and stomachs totally satisfied!

Roslags Punsch is liquid gold blended with the finest batavia arrack, plums and acacia honey, it has notes of vanilla and citrus that is dry and not too sweet. Great to be enjoyed after the meal, served chilled with a slice of lime or with coffee.


The Humble Brush may seem like any ordinary toothbrush but it offers much more than just keeping your teeth clean.

The entire concept and range of products have been conceived, designed and manufactured under the guidance and supervision of dentists. The products must be able to perform cleaning effectively, but also to execute social and environmental responsibilities.

It is estimated that more than 3.6 million plastic toothbrushes are consumed every year and most of them would end up in landfills and the oceans.

To try and combat against such gigantic plastic waste problems, the Humble Brush handle has been designed to use 100% biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo, while the bristles is made of a strong, durable and hygienic synthetic material produced by Dupont that can be separated for recycling at the end of life of the toothbrush.

And in raising the importance of oral health onto a global scale, the Humble Smile Foundation has been setup to deliver professional and sustainable healthcare projects to educate children about oral hygiene in developing countries, which is directly funded by each Humble purchase. Multiple projects are currently underway in countries such as India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Mozambique and Cambodia to name a few.

Their other oral hygiene related products are available in Hong Kong, including natural toothpaste, dental floss, floss picks, chewing gum, cotton swabs and toothbrush stand.

The Humble Brush has recently launched a Pride version, available for purchase soon. Contact us for more details!


Impress your party guests with some gorgeous sweet and raw goodness that is sugar-free yet packed with antioxidants and minerals!

Berry-Xylitol Berry Chocolate

1 dl cocoa butter
1/2 dl coconut oil
4 tbs Mettä Lingonberry Xylitol
1 dl raw cocoa powder
Dried berries for decorating

1/ Put the cocoa butter, coconut oil and Mettä Lingonberry-Xylitol into a heat resistant bowl. Heat in a water bath over low heat until the mixture has melted and combine. Set aside to cool and mix in the raw cocoa powder.

2/ Pour the mixture into chocolate moulds or a baking tray lined with baking paper. Let cool slightly and decorate with dried berries and Mettä Lingonberry-Xylitol.

3/ Place the chocolate into the fridge to set. Break into bite size pieces before serving. Enjoy!

If you require any further information about our brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a lovely Chinese New Year of the Rat!


Relish delightful Nordic flavours and celebrate the Year of the Rat with a difference!

As a leading importer and distributor of premium Nordic goods to Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China, Pear & Carrot knows only too well about how to make any ordinary celebrations remarkable.

The Chinese New Year is a time where family and close friends usually gather together over delicious meals to mark a wonderful start to the new year. Mixing in the tastes of Nordic can certainly add a fun twist to this traditional festival.

Sav Sparkling Reserve 2012

It is almost compulsory to include bubbles in any festive celebrations. The Sav Sparkling Reserve 2012 is guaranteed to serve up pleasant surprises.

Made in the traditional method, the Reserve is made of Swedish birch sap instead of grapes like many sparkling wines. The sap is first fermented for nine months then on the lees in the bottles for seven years. The bubbles are delicate that has a slight aromatic flavour with hints of birch sap, honey, green banana, citrus peel and macadamia nuts, perfect to be paired with seafood.

Gold is regarded as an auspicious colour for the festivity. It is a wonderful idea to plate up some golden goodness of Västerbotten Cheese as a part of the appetisers. 

The cheese has long been well-loved by professional chefs and those at home in Europe with its distinctive balance taste of salty, fruity and sour flavours. It can be easily served on a platter with aperitifs or even cooked in some of the festive dishes.

It is customary to include fish in the feast in Chinese New Year, as it symbolises of having an abundant amount of prosperity leftover from the previous years, and salmon has been a particular popular choice for many.

Mettä seasonings such as the Porcini Salt and Lingonberry Xylitol are great to be used as marinates to create a Nordic tastes to this well-loved dish, by adding layers of flavours but also the umami flavours of the fish.

To put a lovely finishing touch to the meal, nothing beats a small glass of gin and tonic using Stockholm Bränneri Pink Gin that tastes as good as it looks. The award-winning gin is infused with rose petals and rhubarb that is slightly floral and fruity yet still tastes dry.

These four tasty Nordic goodness undoubtedly signify on bringing good luck, charm and happiness from all four corners to help everyone celebrate an extraordinary year ahead!

Please kindly contact us for more product information and interview requests.


Be enchanted this Christmas and celebrate the festive season with a touch of authentic Swedish  magic!

As one of the official partners to this year’s Swedish Winter, Pear & Carrot will be showing the true spirit of Swedish celebrations for kids and adults through a string of festive events until 21 December 2019.

Swedish Happy Wednesday @Happy Valley Race Course – 11 December 

Nothing beats celebrating a mid-week party with some refreshing Swedish craft beers. Pear & Carrot will be providing delectable craft beers at the event, where attendees will get to enjoy along with the popular horse racing and live ABBA music by a covered band.

Swedish Consul General Helena Storm and Benny Anderson of ABBA will also be at the race course, presenting the trophies to the winners of a special Swedish Cup race. A not-to-be missed events for all horse racing and ABBA fans!

Swedish Winter Market at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui – 13-15 December

Come and experience the authentic taste of Swedish Christmas this Winter at the Swedish Winter. Besides the fun activities, special appearance of Santa Claus and Henry the Moose, Pear & Carrot will be setting up a booth at the Market, offering a range of tasty Swedish goodness, such as warm mulled wine, craft beer, saffron buns, gingerbread and a mix of Swedish refreshments usually only available during the jolly seasons. A truly fun and wonderful outing for all to join.

K11 Christmas Filmtopia at K11 Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui – 21 December

Lördagsgodis (Saturday lollies) is a concept that all Swedish children know. It is the day of the week when children are allowed to choose their own lolly mix, making it extra special to savour over a good movie.

In supporting the event by MOVIE11 X Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong, Pear & Carrot will be providing a tub of mixed lollies for each and every participant registered to the event, great fun for all kids and kidults alike to enjoy.

For further information of the Swedish Winter or interview requests, please contact Roanne Lo roanne@pearandcarrot.com or Per Ågren per@pearandcarrot.com


Pear & Carrot is always striving to demonstrate the best Nordic Christmas celebrations every December in Hong Kong.

In support of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Pear & Carrot will be one of the participants in bringing together the local Nordic community to celebrate the jolly season, and making a charming appearance at the Finnish Christmas Market, to be held at the AIA Vitality Park at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel in Central on 6-8 December 2019.

Pear & Carrot has handpicked the following range of exclusive premium Finnish food and beverages to be showcased –

Taiga Chocolate
Recently awarded the Winner of Best Confectionery Product at the 2019 Asia Food Innovation Awards in Singapore, Taiga combines the wonderful beauty, purity and sensitivity of Arctic nature with nutrients and antioxidants in their range of chocolate.

Special Christmas gift sets of Taiga Christmas book “I am Santa Claus” and Christmas Chocolate, mouth-watering white chocolate with cranberry crisps will be available at the Market.

Mettä produces a range of spices, seasonings and sweeteners jam-packed with the purest, richest flavours and nutrients, made from 100% natural ingredients, such as nordic berries, herbs and mushrooms from Finland. It has no additives or preservatives, perfect to be added in soups, pasta, meats and drinks to complete the Nordic appetite.

Hugo & Celine
Hugo & Celine products follow the scientific findings of what is best for dogs. Feeding them the correct food and snacks could significantly improve and even cure most common health problems dogs have, such as gastrointestinal problems, eye infections, bad joints or skin rashes. Their range of products are all-natural and healthy made without the use of additives, grains or wheat, lactose and white sugar.

Produced in the world’s northernmost gin and whisky distillery in Isokyrö, Kyrö produces single malt gin and whisky using 100% Finnish rye, which is smaller in size but more intense in flavours comparing to other types of rye. Rye could possibly be the hardest grain to distill due to its temperament and tendency to overboil in stills, and this makes the Kyrö gin and whisky even more enjoyable for its unique flavours.

August Berries
August Berries is produced at one of the northernmost wineries located just 80km from the polar circle in Finnish Lapland. The berries are all handpicked from the wilderness every August, fermented and produced to preserve only the true colour, tastes and sweetness of the fruit. The wines come in three distinctive and mouth-watering Nordic flavours – Lingonberry, Cloudberry and Bilberry, bound to give pleasant surprises to the palate.

Laplandia Vodka
The undisputed smoothness and purity taste of Laplandia is produced by using soft groundwater of Lake Hirsijärvi with seven-times-distilled high grade wheat spirit and tiny drops of natural honey, making it suitable for the most sensitive of tongues.

Besides the Super Premium Vodka, it also comes in a range of forest delights where Finnish wild berries and forest ingredients are blended in without sugar or additives to create astonishing palatable and refreshing tastes.

Gustav Arctic
Gustav Arctic was established in 1852 and originates from the pristine forests and marshlands of the North Hemisphere, the vodkas and liqueurs are handcrafted with natural raw ingredients to produce sophisticated flavours.

Arctic Blue Gin
The distillery of Arctic Blue is the oldest Finnish winery located in the small town of Ilomantsi in Eastern Finland. The handcrafted colourless Arctic Blue Gin is of high quality and is processed using only fresh local ingredients.

Laitilan Kukko Beers
Having awarded as the “Most Valued Beer 2018”, Laitilan Kukko Beers offers a fun, classic and memorable beer drinking experience to all, including those who are gluten intolerant! Laitilan’s Kukko Pils was in fact, the “World’s first-ever full-malt beer brand to have received the international gluten free product trademark”.

For more information on the products or interview requests, please contact Roanne Lo roanne@pearandcarrot.com or Per Ågren per@pearandcarrot.com


Pear & Carrot is striking a chord at this year’s World Cultures Festival by providing a palatable Nordic experience for guests at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

As a company that celebrates cross-cultural collaborations, especially between Hong Kong and the Nordics, Pear & Carrot is proud to support the World Cultures Festival, with this year’s theme on “The Nordics”, which showcases a range of Nordic art and cultural performances here in Hong Kong.

Pear & Carrot provided catering service at the Festival Opening Programme, “Autumn Sonata” on 18 October with Rye House and received much praises for the selection of Nordic drinks and freshly prepared delights, including Scandinavian devilled eggs, smoked reindeer carpaccio, and Karelian pastries.

The highlight of the evening further impressed the guests, which saw the cooking demonstration of the signature Swedish sandwich cake, made with freshly air-flown Swedish ingredients such as smoked salmon, prawns and caviar.

Pear & Carrot will continue to serve up delectable refreshments at the “Nordic Café” Chamber concert events on 22-27 October, also to be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

For further information or interview requests, please contact Roanne Lo roanne@pearandcarrot.com or Per Ågren per@pearandcarrot.com